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Rebound 911 was founded in November 2017, as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our founders passion for First Responders, their wellbeing and the impact they have on the community has inspired a call to action.

This call to action occurred after the loss of two law enforcement cohorts near and dear to our founder and observing countless First Responder families negatively impacted or destroyed by the trauma/toxic stress of their job. With knowing many suffered in silence, our Founder April Cayce, decided to address it by providing resources to make a positive impact in their daily lives. 


We are committed to reducing toxic stress syndrome as an occupational hazard for first responders by providing education, peer support and mental wellness resources utilizing a trauma informed approach.


Provide a safe space and place where first responders feel secure in seeking assistance without fear or stigmatization.



We are stronger and better together.


We empower those we serve to adopt recovery principles.


We observe, listen, understand and assist.


We honor our commitment to those we serve.

Diversity &  Inclusion

We honor and celebrate those from diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences.


We value experiences, thoughts and emotions.


1. Reduce first responder suicides,  increase mental wellness awareness and early intervention strategies.

2. Advocate for systematic change in how mental health is addressed by first responder agencies.

3. Strive to implement a culture that actively encourages our cohorts that asking for help is appropriate and required.

4. Advocate that traumatic stress reactions (i.e. PTSD & others), are viewed and managed as an injury and not a disease consistently across all agencies.

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